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Instant Pot

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The Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi has arrived on the kitchen scene! The first multi-use programmable pressure cooker that can now be controlled and monitored with your mobile devices. Designed with a large display Screen, stainless steel cooking pot, 6 quart, 1000 watts. Not only will you experience meats cook faster, inexpensive cuts of meat become more tender with a melt-in your mouth Texture that few other cooking methods can replicate especially in less than an hour. You can now cook beans and lentils with no pre-soaking making last minute meal planning much easier. Even tough beans like chickpeas, and kidney beans can be prepared in approximately 30 minutes. How about chili or Irish stew prepared within an hour, risotto in 30 minutes, and best of all, with no stirring or watching over the dish as it cooks. Simply, monitor the progress of your meal from With your mobile device. Mobile devices, for Android 5. 0 or later and for iOS 9. 0 or later. Cooker requires 2. 4GHz Frequency band to operate with app.

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